National Award for SEN Co-ordination 2020-2021

The National Award for SEN Coordination is a mandatory qualification for all new-to-role Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs). The Eastern Partnership UK (SEND) has a strong track record of providing high quality, cutting-edge training delivered by a well-respected, up-to-date, experienced team of practicing professionals. 

Benefits to schools/settings and SENCOs

Having a qualified SENCO in-role ensures schools and settings are statutorily compliant.

Successful completion of the course enables participants to confidently meet the Nationally prescribed learning outcomes and achieve the required master’s level work. This is all made possible through practical tasks, lively discussion and a strong network of support for both the tasks and the assignment writing aspect of the programme.

Location and costs

This is a national programme run locally through LA specific groups, meaning you can access teaching at a venue in your area. The cost of this programme is £1925 plus VAT (includes 1 year Regional SEND Forum membership from 1st August 2020).

SEN Masters Suite

The Eastern Partnership works with Local Authorities and schools across the region to provide SEND professionals with access to a suite of training programmes. These can be accessed individually or combined to create a Masters in Educational Leadership or in SEND and Inclusion.

The range of programmes available include:

  • National Award for SEN Coordination
  • Advanced SENCO Award
  • SENCOs as Leaders Award
  • MA Dissertation

Location and costs
These programmes are available locally through LA specific groups meaning you can access teaching at a venue in your area. The SENCOs as Leaders Award and the MA Dissertation are currently delivered at a central venue, however where a group of twelve or more come together we may be able to organise local delivery.

Why study with the Eastern Partnership?

The National Award offered by the Eastern Partnership has been developed using the principle that face-to- face teaching, supervision and study clusters offer the best learning environment within which SENCOs can shape their leadership role.

Training covers all the nationally prescribed learning outcomes and includes themes such as:

  • Professional knowledge and understanding.
  • Principles and practice of leadership in different contexts.
  • The effects of SEND on pupil participation.
  • Strategies for improving outcomes.
  • Strategic work with senior leadership teams.
  • The development of personal and professional qualities.

Benefits of studying the National Award with the Eastern Partnership include:

  • Face-to face teaching from highly qualified and experienced tutors.
  • Access to a unique Self Evaluation Tool.
  • Opportunities to network with other SENCOs.
  • A high level of supervision for your research and written assignments.
  • Practical tasks which have a positive impact.
  • Access to university library facilities and additional dedicated online resources.