Education Mutual

Herts for Learning has partnered with Education Mutual to provide Hertfordshire schools, colleges, nurseries and education providers with an opportunity to potentially save money on staff absence cover. As opposed to a traditional insurance policy, Education Mutual provides a staff cover scheme, which pools resources for the good of all.

Education Mutual put staff health and wellbeing support at the very core of its service and passionately believe that staff must feel fully supported when facing any kind of health problems. The service enables staff to access early-intervention treatment for a wide-range of health issues.

This approach means that health problems can be dealt with quickly, before escalating, and that long-term staff absence can often be averted as a result. Care delivery includes physiotherapy and muscular-skeletal services, mental health services (including face-to-face CBT counselling), and a surgical assistance programme. Together, these services, which are always delivered by expert professionals, are able to address the most frequent causes of staff absences.

By understanding that staff are a school’s most valuable asset, Education Mutual and are committed to addressing the underlying causes of staff absence. Recent YouGov research has revealed that 53% of teachers have considered leaving the sector in the past two years due to pressures on their health.

Education Mutual is operated solely for the benefit of its institutions. Members pay a contribution to the mutual, which is then used to pay for claims. Any money left over, instead of going into profits, goes back to members in the form of a benefit (members vote from a choice of benefits, such as a refund, reduced fee, or enhanced services).

To find out more about how Education Mutual can benefit your school, please call Andrew Marsh, Membership Advocate for Herts for Learning, on 01623 287840 / 07384 113693 or email